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Obama is winning again

Posted by Michael Judson on January 29, 2013 at 2:15 AM

Congress seems to be tackling many issues as of late. We found out yesterday about bipartisan immigration reform. Nancy Pelosi is pushing an extensive gun control agenda. The House passed “No Work, No Pay” and an extension of the debt ceiling, essentially kicking the can down the road again.

What we don’t see is anyone taking on the fiscal mess. There are a couple important dates coming up soon. The self imposed sequestrations are set to kick in on February 28th. The continuing resolution that is funding the government expires on March 31st. Why is it, that none of this is being dealt with? I can guarantee you nothing will be dealt with until February 27th at 11:59 and March 30th at 11:59. Why can’t our Congress be proactive?

Here’s why, President Obama and his fellow democrats are winning again. By keeping the focus on Gun Control and immigration it keeps our focus off the fiscal issues and entitlement reform. I am not a social conservative, but a fiscal conservative. My priorities are not immigration reform or banning gay marriage. Those are small battles. We need to keep the pressure on our politicians to focus on the big battles, like a balanced budget and entitlement reform. Let the democrats push their social agenda; the republicans have enough members in the house that it will just be a waste of time. I wish I could explain why our elected officials do not stay on the offensive; I can not figure it out. Let the NRA fight gun control, in the mean time keep the pressure on our elected officials to fix the spending problems. In the end, if we do not fix the budget mess we will no longer have a country to fight for.

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Reply Joseph Corbin
1:01 PM on March 12, 2013 
Let the MRA-GOA-MD shooters-and TPP and all conservative groups who care about any freedoms band together on any issues they have in common especially the gun contrl issue. Before they can send us to a reeducation camp they must first feel safe or pwerfull enough to do it and still try to stay stabil and cohesesive enough to remain a country that our enemies wont take advantage of. It doesnt suprise me that many of the people pushing the Obama policies are young and weak in experience of history,if at all aware of history. Gun control has been done always prior to "progressive" change. Pol pot, Stalin,Naziism under Hitler,Fidel Castro,and all dictatorial countries curently not at war all have dissarmed peasantries who the show two pictures of the country they rule. Cuba shows the baseball and good service to butkissers and bootlickers who tell a good story from the guided tours the government gives. The real story comes floating over on innertubes risking open oceans for a chance at freedom. To date I dont think anyone risks the gulf stream to get from south Texas to Cuba even with small craft hoping for freedom. I think we should be cohesive on all these issues with one shared voice.The NRA has generated more a response than the TPP patriots and I realy question your intentions if you realy think we should let them fight or if you are trying to divide and conquer
Reply Michael Judson
8:41 PM on March 12, 2013 
I appreciate your comment but you need to look at the bigger picture. The Tea Party Patriots has limited funding. The government is taking our focus off the most threatening issue, our national debt. There is no dividing and conquering here. This is focusing our energy to keep the fiscal mess in the forefront. This is my personal opinion, and you are entitled to your own, but if our debt continues to grow, the value of the dollar will shrink and our economy will fall apart. We can not allow this issue to be swept under the carpet